zero x 7 years

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Remember when you pee'd & poo'd in v's brand new house the very 1st day we got you? A couple times over? Remember when you would pee on our bed in spite? When you pee'd on my Edward Gorey collector's pop-up book? When you came to work with me and scratched the hell out of a's office door and pee'd on the carpet? When you pee'd in the pool? When you barfed under our bed so profusely we had to buy a carpet steamer to clean it? When you got an intestinal infection from a lamb bone djedo slipped you and... well... made a significant, ungodly mess? When s & d went home to toronto and you cried and barfed in their room? When you cried so much in the night with a/g she had to go home to sleep? When you ate not 1, but 2 strands of icicle lights? When you chewed on the playstation cable? When you tore my bath-loofah-thingy into thousands of teeny shreds? When you tore my pretty skirt? When you pulled that tuft of hair out of that dog's back? When you wrapped yourself around that staffordshire's head and tried to pull his eyes out? When you used to lick the iguana? When you walked over a snake in the desert not knowing what it was? When you caught that bird in your mouth? When you ate all that rotini out of the garbage? When you ate a... erm... feminine hygiene product? When you ate a Cheweez beefy roll in one 30-minute sitting and slept like an anaconda who'd just swallowed an antelope for about 14 hours? Yay! All were good, good times. Happy 7th bday, little 'ro dog!

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