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I think of myself as primarily a print designer, even though I do dabble in a bit of web here & there. My web knowledge is admittedly pretty basic, but with the amount of reading I do on html, css, web 2.0, etc., I can confidently say I know a lot in theory (though not as much in actual practice). Well, theory only gets you so far -- and seeing as though css (cascading style sheets) is clearly the more efficient, flexible method of web page design, (even messing with this blog's template has given me some introductory insight), I decided today (yes, another slow day in the world of freelance), to read up on it at the "Web Page Design For Designers" site, while simultaneously creating my May desktop, featuring some oft used, basic css rules. I got through the first 7 sections, and while a lot of it reiterated what I already understood of css, it read incredibly well and was easy to follow -- more so than any other css tutorials I've encountered. If you're new to the world of web design, or css, or both -- you may want to check out this site. You're sure to learn a lot, even if only for theory's sake. And stay tuned for May's css-inspired desktop. I'm attempting to beautify it now, and hope to post it today or tomorrow.

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