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Katie got me these. They're prints by Linnea Gits (limited to 250, and signed even). Aren't they lovely? I just think she's beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased about the gift of Gits because I currently have... let's see... zero pieces of art in my home. Like, none. Nothing. Not a thing on my walls. So these are perfect. I would've chosen them myself in fact. Really. It's uncanny, Katie's eye for art: dark, yet pretty... innocence mixed with the sinister... It would appear that Katie knows me very, very well indeed! And I really hope that I am over this terrible cold soon and can remove this tissue from my very red nose for long enough to actually get out this weekend to go frame shopping already. Because they are lovely. Just lovely. And I can't wait to put them up. Thank you, KE!

These and other limited edition art prints by Gits available at binth.com

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