fun with bugs!!!


K, clearly I'm waaay easier to entertain than I ever thought, because I have actually been sitting here, creating bugs, then killing them. Really. I've been spending actual time on this. (well, not LOADS of time... a minute or 2, but still...)

Create and kill your own bugs, too! Bugs on the Run!

deliciously evil little icons


My god... Just look at you. So captivating. So... enticing. Oh, you manipulative little temptors! Coyly tucked away amongst the NOEL icon set! I curse you for looking so frothy and creamy and delicious! You take over all good sense and make me want to bundle up and trudge in this damp, cold weather to the local Starbucks... even though the weaker part of me pleads... no, NO! I really, REALLY don't want to have to do that! But... Ohhh... Just look at you. Dammit!

Today is one of those lazy but way-fun Sundays where I lay in bed, powerbook against knees, tinkering, backing-up, organizing and customizing. I ADORE these days. I'm currently in icon "refresh" mode, where I scour my favourite icons sites for new icons, and I've just found a lovely set I wanted to share: Mac Creative by Afterglow. (I'm especially loving the swatches, and the Mac Creative mug and have put them to good use already!)

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