primo donnas desktop


Sweet desktop, huh? The Donnas are just so rad. I want to BE a Donna. Pretty bad. But I'm not. So instead, I download desktops from their site. Sigh.

iLove my iPod


I've had an iPod for almost 5 years now. CORRECTION. I've had an iPod in my HOUSE for almost 5 years, but I really never laid a finger on it. The ol' Ball & Chain is pretty much the only one who ever used it. And to tell the truth, I'm completely selfish when it comes to gadgets, and a die-hard music fan to boot, so I stubbornly decided that if I couldn't have one ALL to myself, I'd rather not have one AT ALL. (I want to organize MY music MY way and have MY playlists arranged the way I WANT them, so THERE!) I spurned the gorgeous little devil because I dared not open my heart to something I could not have completely. It was difficult, but I learned to bury my lust for it.

At any rate, my hubby recently obtained a newer, sleeker, lighter video model, so I ceremoniously inherited "ye olde" 3rd generation model (and by ceremoniously I mean thoughtfully polished with a brand new battery inserted and freshly-applied screen protector). And I must confess, the attraction was instant. INSTANT. Once I knew that it was MINE, MINE, MINE and no-one else's, I immediately threw open my heart and let the iPod nestle into it's new, special place there. I really do believe that I've truly, madly, deeply fallen in love with it.

I listen to it in the morning as I get ready for work. I listen to in the evenings whilst instant messaging or surfing. On weekends, I take it along with me and the pooch on brisk walks. And each night, I am lulled to sleep by my "Nature" playlist, and the gentle, soothings sounds of falling rain. And because I am a born collector and organizer, the iPod has reawakened old musical loves I felt compelled to catalogue, and initiated new, exciting audio desires for me to explore, too. I'm creating playlists like it's my last night on earth. Seriously. I'm downloading like a fiend. A FIEND, I tell you! And the best part of all of it is now my main man and I BOTH share the love for iPod, and are swapping playlists and sharing our latest discoveries. Yeah -- SHARING. ME. Go figure.

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