Sold out? Sold OUT?!! Why, do you spurn me, Helvetica? Oh sure, you say, "there may be a FEW rush tickets available" - but you don't sound like you really mean that! If you loved me back there WOULD be tickets available for SURE, and you would have no problems with committing to me about it.... oh, how can you be so nonchalant... so... so COLD???

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Metacafe serves up one hearty helping of nerd pie with this tech-inspired, animated short. References to PC, Vista, Mac, iPhone, Finder, the Gen-Y Market, and special appearances by Light Sabres and Commodore 64 make this one DELICIOUS treat for those who enjoy the ongoing battle between platforms. Enjoy!

Gates vs. Jobs by Metacafe

toast in space


I give you... TOAST IN SPACE
No, no... TOAST WARS
No, wait!...TOAST TREK
Oh, no, no... 2001: A TOAST ODYSSEY
No! Ha! I got it!... E.T. THE EXTRA-TOAST-TRIEL

(Hahaha - I'm sorry - I swear this is the last toast post today. It has to be, cuz I'm getting way too hungry...)

One good toast post deserves another! It seems only fitting to bring up Mr. Toast while I'm on the topic of toast already. I think he is funny and friendly like most pieces of toast with faces are wont to be, and I love his saucer-like white eyes that convey an unusual amount of expression for being so pupil-less. He has friends that are carrots, onions and (ha!) eggs, and he has an entire world aptly called The World of Mr. Toast, and there you will find comics, art, animations, wallpapers and much more tasty, toasty goodies.

(All this toast-talk has me craving toast with marmalade in a big, bad way... but sadly there is not a single slice of bread in the house. Drat!)

Every time I see this page it makes me think of my babysitter when I was in Kindergarten, Mrs. Baker. At lunchtime she would ask, "do you want a half sandwich or a hole sandwich?" To which I would reply, "a hole sandwich!" and she would toast up a peanut butter sandwich that had a hole in it. But I digress... is a clever idea involving the unlikely combination of toast and sharpies, that raises money for children's charities. Donate a sum of $$$ and in return, you get (just as the name promises) your name on toast! The higher the donation, the higher on the page your toast sits. In the same vein as the million dollar homepage but strictly for selfless reasons. And the page is far more aesthetically (and appetizing-ly) pleasing...

...and this is another digression, I know, but toast looks incredibly funny and friendly with little faces on it, doesn't it? And I have to wonder (even though it sounds facetious but I swear it's not): do they use different toasters for different toasting effects? Or just switch the little dial to adjust the the level of toastiness? I really do wonder. It's awfully creative, whatever the process. Kudos to the yournameontoast-ers!

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