Yay! My baby blog is one year old today! Just look how much it's grown:

posts! 5,351 page views! 3,684 unique visitors!

Now I know these stats may seem like small potatoes to some of you, but I'm pretty proud of my blog! I must admit though, I do need to spend a little more time with it, nurturing it and allowing it to grow. I will try very hard to do this. Only then can my blog be the truly happy, well-adjusted, successful blog I very much want for it to be.

I've had many, many good times with my blog. I do heart it, after all! Here are my Top 10 favourite posts so far:

i heart pink bunnies apparently

so much for scrabble

can't take goth outta the girl

she wants a night out

she wants to not be such a grouch

victoria street air band

zero x 7 years

sunday scribblings - my shoes

sunday scribblings - music

sunday scribblings - in the last hour

A few sites link back to ih2b too, which makes my blog and I feel terribly hearted:

grand perspective

no! spec

today's inspiration: back where it belongs

gabriel diaz: el mezzanine

nanny in nyc

And of course, as with any experience in life, my little bitty blog has made me aware of a lot of things about myself:

1. preservation of one's thoughts, memories & train-of-consciousness is important
2. i blog about music a lot
3. i heart blogging about me as a kid and all the super dorky things i did
4. there are a lot of cool, super-creative people out there in internetland
5. my dog zero seems to crop up in a lot of posts
6. i am a nerd
7. i just don't really seem to care that i am a nerd
8. i'm a lot better at html and css now thanks to ih2b
9. however i still am not fully clear on the concept of a ping
10. it's a tiny rush each time i hit publish & see my words on the screen (ie. i am a nerd)

And lastly, on this auspicious occasion, I owe thanks to the man who inspired me to sit down and blog out my feelings; the subject of my first ever post: gilbert mckinley fuller

{fig.1} blacksmith @ goldfield mines, az
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i heart generators


...like this Catalog Card one; which at first glance seems so fun! So novel! So potentially useful! Then one quickly realizes after making 1 (or maybe 2) of them, that it is in fact not quite SO fun, nor novel, nor useful, but feels compelled to bookmark it and blog it anyway.

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