kathleen is a lot like me


Not that I've met her, but I have a feeling that Kathleen of seamripper is a lot like me. Or I'm like her. One or the other. I really like her drawings, and as I'm so fond of restating (sadly), I can't draw -- so that's clearly not what I think makes us similar. When I look at her about me page (which is by far the cutest and most interesting i've seen in recent memory), I do this:
Trees? Check. Video games? Check. Halloween? Check. Cats? Ok, no check here... but plants? Check. Polka dots? Sometimes. If small. And in the right colour-combo. Cursive handwriting? Check, even though I'm a chronic printer. Boxing movies? Strangely, yes, check. I can't help but looove Rocky movies. Sewing? Knitting? Well, I'd like to like them... does that count? Root Beer? Small dogs? Coffee? Check, check, and checkeroo! Chips + salsa? Records? Double-check. Cookies, flowers & ice cream? Check on all counts here. Hoodies? Vegetarianism and comics? You betcha! Check, check & check again! And so this is why I think Kathleen is probably a lot like me. Or that I'm like her. And also, her drawings are of things like cereal, grocery shopping, dogs and barbeque's and tofu dogs... which are all the things I imagine that I would draw... were I able to draw, that is. Sigh.

Lauren Gregg still loves you. Clearly. She really, really does. Whoever you are, it's plain to see that she is not over you. No, not by a long shot. Even though she knows that somehow, there must be others... she reaches out to YOU. Can't you see? Because she truly loved you then. She saw lucky stars in your eyes. And she loves you still, today, after all this time has passed. She wants you to know it. You NEED to know it. She will not hide it; she couldn't even if she wanted to. Lauren Gregg really, really, deep down inside, still loves you.

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spun with tears

i heart little falling dots


How can something that is so simple be so vastly engrossing? I mean, I've spent 5 minutes just dragging my mouse around on Antoine+Manuel's little dots, every which way, completely fixated. It's like I'm 3 again. I browsed through the rest of their site briefly... and was moderately intrigued... (ok, more than moderately because actually I LOVE this so much I could spit - and then promptly make a dektop from it)...

...but ultimately the lure of the little dots had me clickin' back to the home page so I could make them fall for a little while more. YAY for little falling dots - and P.S. - I vote that Antoine+Manuel get hired to redo every transit map in every city in every country of the world. I really do.

I have long been a fan of Rua Piaui's Misprinted Type. The drawings, the photos, the fonts and brushes that I love so much i can barely breath... Piaui's stuff is truly one of a kind. And how much do I heart that in addition to this version of the site (3.0), you can also view prior versions of the site, too?? (a grab of 2.0's index page is pictured above). Nice touch indeed. What a talent. And did I mention how desperately i love the misprinted type fonts and brushes?!

Outside of a few spelling errors, this little found on crackheadmonkey.com captures perfectly what 99.999% of designers endure on an ongoing basis: the ol' "hey buddy, ol' pal, why don't you do me up a site for free?" speech. And naturally, it doesn't just apply to sites... how many of us have fallen and/or continue to fall for the "it'll be great promotion for you" bit when it comes to identity or invites or pamphlets or...??? Nothin' fancy going on here, but I guarantee that if you're a designer, you'll cringe a litte on the outside while crying a little on the inside.

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