steady as she goes... blows


...and this one goes out to you, DJ Mike Tull, because I recently learned that we share the same admiration for director Jim Jarmusch. Sadly, though, it would seem he should stick to what he knows best: FANTASTIC indie flicks, NOT random music videos by bands who's members wear top hats. I mean, seriously... "Steady As She Goes" by The Racon-WHO??? Yeesh. It's certainly no Mystery Train. Not by a long shot.

This one goes out to you, Vlad.

Stumbling is always fun because you truly just never know what's going to come next. Each time I click that stumble! button, I discover something that I've never seen before, or even knew existed. Take Apple's Mac II Pencil Test as a prime example. I mean, how AMAZING. How FASCINATING. To think that once, not so long ago at all, people were WOW'ed by this. How far we've come in such a short time. I just love it!

rockabye baby


I don't have a baby and i'm not even sure i'd ever even WANT a baby, but if I DID have a baby, it would be Rockabye Baby records for my baby all the WAY! My baby would be the rockin'est baby, ever. And further, I would likely pay $80 to dress my baby in a baby-Black Sabbath or baby-KISS tee, and my baby would likely have a faux-hawk and wear little baby-Docs, too. My baby would rock indeed -- that is, if I ever HAD a baby. IF.

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