2 apples today / 1994•1996

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"Introduced in March 1994, the PowerMac 6100 was the first Mac to run on a PowerPC processor. An optional AV configuration was available. The 6100 came in a Centris 610-style low-profile case, cost $1,700 and was replaced in January 1995 by the 6100/66, which upgraded the processor to 66 MHz. It was discontinued at the end of 1995. The 6100/66 DOS was also available, with a 66-MHz 486DX/2 processor card, and was discontinued in early 1996. The 6100 was also offered bundled with a monitor and various hard drives, as the Performa 6110CD, 6112CD, 6115CD, 6116CD, 6117CD and 6118CD." (photo credit: Apple Computer)

Introduced in March 1994, the PowerMac 7100 was a faster, more expandable, 6100. It came in a slightly restyled IIvx case, and was speed-bumped to 80 MHz in January 1995. It was originally priced at $2,900. (photo credit: Apple Computer)

This byte of Apple's history from Wired's, "30 Years of Apple Products."

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