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What in the world will I write about MYSTERY?
Will I write a personal anecdote?
Will I write about the daily mysteries in everyday life?
Will I write about all the "big questions" that confound me?
Oh boy -- will I dare open up THAT huge cans of worms?
Can I even handle doing all that this morning?
Would it unearth too much?
Or should I keep it light instead? Funny, perhaps?
Funny's fun. People like funny.
Can I even concentrate on this right now?
I do know that I have a terrible headache this morning. Why is that?
How could such a delicious wine be named, "Cat Pee On a Gooseberry Bush?"
(ahh - guess I just solved the headache mystery)
What will I do with today?
Why can't it be warmer out? (it is June after all).
What can M & I do for fun, that's not terribly expensive?
When will I stop factoring money into my every thought?
(quick, quick, must distract myself with something else...)
Where did I get this horrible, stinging cut on my knuckle, by the way?
When should I press the coffee? Has it been long enough?
How will I pour it quietly so that I don't wake up M. next to me?
How long should I let him sleep?
(because sometimes he'll say, "why did you let me sleep so long?!")
Did I really sit through 3 hours of "Super Group" last night?
Why did I find it so damn fascinating?
Well... I think I know why...
Is my throat scratchy because we left that damn fan on?
When are these Anacin going to kick in?
Is this seriously going to be my MYSTERY post?
Is this taking any shape at all yet?
Would it have been easier to write a nostalgic post on Trixie Belden novels?
Or the Hardy Boys?
Or Scooby Doo?!
(I was always so shocked when they pulled the mask off the villain
at the end - to reveal someone they all knew!)
Ooh, Fantasy Island!
Now why did that show scare the absolute crap out of me?
It was based in Hawaii, wasn't it? How could Hawaii be so scary?
I wonder how S. is doing?
(I'm quite sure he's wishing it was warmer too)
I wonder what a/g is doing, and if that phone of hers will ring today?
Why did I pour so much creamer in my cup?!
Why do all my questions sound so whiny?
Do I complain too much?
All tht creamer has made my coffee lukewarm --
will topping it up help? (nope, not so much).
When should I start that Johnny Cash book?
Should I start it while I have the other on the go?
Don't I always have more than one on the go?
How long have I been writing this this morning?
Will anyone even bother reading this?
Did I really bring up Fantasy Island back there?
Hey - I think I had a dream with Tony Soprano in it last night.
He started off looking like dad... but then, by the end,
looked like Tony.
What is THAT saying about me?
What does it MEAN?
Sigh. Definitely waaay to much creamer.
Where did Zero go...?
Ha! Is M. dreaming?
My god, is it seriously almost 10am?!
I wonder if I should shower now.
Can I even finish this coffee?
Ha! I think he IS dreaming.
I wonder if it's about Tony Soprano?
He probably won't even remember.
So is this my MYSTERY post?
Is this really what I'll submit?
I guess it is.
Yep. This is it.

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