painful PC-ism's


I hate (and by hate I mean secretly LOVE) listening to PC People as they stand in delusional, huddled masses over their computers talking techie to one another:

"I'm downloading that disk cleaner thing you gave me."
"Oh, good, good. Yeah, try and run it like, once a week if you can."
"Oh, ok, I should be able to remember to do that."
"Did you get that (such-and-such) virus scanner?"
"Yep I have it."
"I love that thing!"
"Yep, me too. I run it every night. Last night it cleared 15 viruses off my PC - in one night!"
"Wow, that's great!"
"Yeah I know... Hey, do you have that (such-and-such) email scanner?"
"I did have it, but I ended up taking it off. It made my emails impossible to get."
"I know, it slows everything right down."
"Ok, now what's THIS pop-up?"
"Let's see... uh, "MSN"... "running virus scanner"... oh, let that run."
"Ok. Oh, wait... it says something about "do I want to remove components?"
"Nope! Nope, close that."
"Ok, I closed it. Now just let it run... or?"
"Yep, just let it install."
"Yeah? Ok. I hope it doesn't take too long..."
"OH - and remind me to get you that other virus thing I was talking about. That's good, too."
"Oooh, yeah! I should have that! I want to run that on my laptop & see if it speeds it up at all."
"Yeah, it probably will."

(Hahaha. It's as entertaining as Abbott & Costello doing, "Who's on First." I love it!)

her? and him? what the!?


I've been deeply into music from Day One. It's always been a major component of my life. I had a Fisher Price piano. I played "on tour with the Bay City Rollers" in my friend Angie's rec room every weekend for an entire summer. I was lead vocal and sometime-lead-guitar and sometime-drummer of The Victoria Street Air Band for crying out loud. I sang alto in the school choir. I know how to play, "Just Can't Get Enough" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano AND the telephone's touch-tone pad. I've attended more concerts than there are days of the YEAR. I worked at HMV for 5 years, then at a pretty high profile record label for 2 and a half more. I go to sleep each night hugging my iPod to my body and smugly think to myself: "I am a hip, awesome music buff. A music LOVER. Music reaches out to me. It MOVES me. It defines me and COMPLETES me... " (well, maybe these aren't QUITE the thoughts that go on in my head at night, but hopefully you get the point I'm trying to make here).

So imagine my utter SHOCK and AWE when clear outta the world-wide-blue this l'il goodie smacks me smartly upside the head:

That's right! Cybill Shepherd. Uh huh. The one from MOONLIGHTING. It's an album! By HER. Yep! And... it's FEATURING STAN GETZ. You know that guy, Stan Getz? Stan Freakin' Getz. AND Cybill Shepherd! Cybill and Stan. Together - in an actual musical collaboration! With a very cool cover no less! How in the WORLD did this one get by me?! I mean, I knew she fancied herself to be a singer, BUT... Cybill and Stan? My musical foundation is shaken to it's very core. I am absolutely, completely, 100% humbled by this. Knocked down a proverbial peg. Maybe two even.

Cybill and Stan. Stan. And Cybill. Mad About The Boy!!? Who KNEW!?

If I had this incredible Sonic Chair I would be able to hear my music from all sides...

...thereby virtually sitting INSIDE the sound (in such sophisticated style, no less)...

...and it would make me so happy, I would quite likely gleefully kick up my heels, like this!

Sigh. I've never met you, Sonic Chair. And yet I know that I could love you.

Remember that titillating, wonderous moment when you first added a new widget to your dashboard, and you gasped in delight at the watery, rippled effect? Then remember when you rushed to show your friends and family and you excitedly exclaimed, "Look at this! Look what it does when I add a new widget! There, see? Isn't that coool?"

Now, thanks to the (very free!) lotsawater screensaver, there will be lot's of oohing and ahhing over your computer. (And admit it, you just looove that idea, don't you?).

(And if you just looove my rain-inspired desktop, you can find it at pixelgirlpresents when you search under (what else?) "cute." Yellow Coat desktop by Nicoline Patricia. Thanks Nicoline!)

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