painful PC-ism's

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I hate (and by hate I mean secretly LOVE) listening to PC People as they stand in delusional, huddled masses over their computers talking techie to one another:

"I'm downloading that disk cleaner thing you gave me."
"Oh, good, good. Yeah, try and run it like, once a week if you can."
"Oh, ok, I should be able to remember to do that."
"Did you get that (such-and-such) virus scanner?"
"Yep I have it."
"I love that thing!"
"Yep, me too. I run it every night. Last night it cleared 15 viruses off my PC - in one night!"
"Wow, that's great!"
"Yeah I know... Hey, do you have that (such-and-such) email scanner?"
"I did have it, but I ended up taking it off. It made my emails impossible to get."
"I know, it slows everything right down."
"Ok, now what's THIS pop-up?"
"Let's see... uh, "MSN"... "running virus scanner"... oh, let that run."
"Ok. Oh, wait... it says something about "do I want to remove components?"
"Nope! Nope, close that."
"Ok, I closed it. Now just let it run... or?"
"Yep, just let it install."
"Yeah? Ok. I hope it doesn't take too long..."
"OH - and remind me to get you that other virus thing I was talking about. That's good, too."
"Oooh, yeah! I should have that! I want to run that on my laptop & see if it speeds it up at all."
"Yeah, it probably will."

(Hahaha. It's as entertaining as Abbott & Costello doing, "Who's on First." I love it!)

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