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2 names i go by:
april & chick

2 parts of my heritage:
scottish & english

2 things that scare me:
someone behind me on the stairs & snakes

2 everyday beauty essentials:
aveeno facial moisturizer & benefit cheek & lip tint

2 things i'm wearing right now:
silky pajama bottoms & short-sleeve white henley

2 things most recently ingested:
edamame & red wine

2 of my favourite current bands/artists:
vince guarldi & john coltrane

2 recently played songs:
i don't wanna fall in love / she wants revenge
& birthday / the sugarcubes

2 things i want in a relationship (other than love):
trust & great conversation

2 truths about me:
i've NO idea what i really want & i've befriended an ex porn star

2 vices i must enjoy daily:
coffee & zero

2 favorite hobbies:

futzing around on my mac & downloading music/organizing my iTunes

2 things i have to do this week:
work on KE's wedding invite & complete/order Scott's bday gift

2 things i'll do tomorrow:
drink coffee while listening to craig charles & vacuum

2 sounds i'm hearing right now:
so cruel by U2 & the hum of the fridge

2 things to my right:
my cellphone & my digital camera

2 things to my left:
design edge magazine & my powerbook's power adaptor

2 things directly in front of me:
my powerbook screen & zero

2 things recently purchased for myself:
how to be a graphic designer without losing your soul book
& matt & nat pocketbook

2 recent phone calls:
ana & ma

2 shows i like to watch:
heroes & the office

2 last movies watched:
007: casino royale & little miss sunshine

2 books on the go:
running with scissors & U2 by U2

2 things i'd buy if money were no object:
a house in scottsdale & a trip around the world

2 things i'm looking forward to:
bedtime & sunday

2 wishes for 2007:
for friends and family to be healthy & to be pleasantly surprised

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  1. Anonymous ana/g 

    how insightful... really who knew :-P

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