reluctant bloggers break my heart

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Some people are born bloggers. They're naturals at it, and don't even know it. And worse, there are those who do know they'd be good at it, but are reluctant. And that pains me. More than you can imagine. Because in a world full of souls who are unable to articulate themselves or simply unwilling to communicate their thought and opinions for whatever reason, there are those who truly need, deserve, and DAMMIT, have a DUTY to author a blog. So pick a name already, V, and let's get it set up for you. I can no longer stand by and see these GEMS that you call simple EMAILS go to waste. Pleeze. But for now, allow me to be your shadow blogger, you reluctant blogger you! (hey, maybe that's what you should call it: The Reluctant Blogger.)

"Okay, so I was perusing your blog and came across the STUCK IN THE 80's link.

I cried, I laughed, I cursed. I wasted 4 precious working hours clicking and reading.

Seriously, they don't make movies like that anymore. I really hate growing up. I don't care if the hair was bad and the fashion was worse, they were the best of times. Whether you were a nerd, punk, prep, prom queen, poor - it was all about love. Even the "spend the summer trying to get laid" movies were in the end, about finding love.

Damn it! Why has John Hughes not made more movies? And why has John Cusack become an adult?

OMG, even movies I forgot: ABOUT LAST NIGHT, BETTER OFF DEAD, VALLEY GIRL... seriously I think my Heart actually hurts.

So many memories flooding my brain, I think I need to lie down. NO, I think I need a drink.

Remember HEATHER'S? How about SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL? Seriously, I cried at the end... I'm not ashamed. That's right. I cried while the soundtrack played and it faded to black. I can't even look at diamond studs without thinking of fingerless leather gloves. Maybe it was puberty, or the hormones, or the fact I was sans-girlfriend at the time... and who HASN'T devised plans to kill off the in-crowd???

And SIXTEEN CANDLES. Good lord, my head is spinning. And of course THE BREAKFAST CLUB. I think I would have been in a very dark place without that movie. Finally someone who understands us popular kids hadserious parental issues too. God, I could use a joint.

ST. ELMO's FIRE - seriously I sooo thought that's what happens to you after college. When I would pick up my friend on the way to school, she would blast that song all morning while she dried her hair and I waited for her on the steps to her bedroom.

PRETTY IN PINK. Prom was soo much better with your friends instead of significant others, that's why we banned couples at our table. How else would you end up in bed with the wrong person? (but secretly someone you wanted to bag anyway).

SAY ANYTHING... that Ione Sky defined bitch for all of us heart broken boys who listened to The Cure and wore flasher-guy rain coats.

And remember how long we waited for Rob Lowe and Demi Moore to make a movie together? OMG, when ABOUT LAST NIGHT arrived, we totally skipped school and watched it seven times in one day, because in those days no one checked the theatres to make sure you left.

I am so overdosing on nostalgia I have to go home and burn through like 7 albums off the top of my head. I have to get all these DVD's and CD's for the children... how else are they going to know how it really is in the real world?"

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