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The much fabled and fantisized-about cellphone that Apple fans the world over FELT deep in their hearts would find its way to them, was finally, FINALLY unveiled today by Mr. Jobs in San Fransisco, California @ the MacWorld Expo.

Wow. WOW. I mean...WOW!!! This thing truly IS the future of mobile communications. But since we now know it's an actual thing and not merely some fantastic concept, we can all get excited in the knowledge that the future is NOW. (Well, technically June 2007).

There is nothing they have left out (address book, iCal, google maps, widgets), nothing that isn't WOW-worthy (accelerometer sensor, finger-scrolling, and a soft QWERTY keyboard instead of fixed, plastic keys) and there is nothing, NOTHING that is done halfway. I mean, it is Apple after all, and halfway is just not their what they're in the business of, is it?

This thing is incredible. Stupendous. REVOLUTIONARY even. And I don't think I'm overstating things here, unabashed Apple zealot or not. This baby is truly an all-you-need, all-in-one-device for people on-the-go (and really, who isn't these days?). It combines every technical goodie that I use most (and cherish most) in all of this world: ipod, cellphone, instant messaging, email, internet, digital camera, movies, and loads more that I'm forgetting right now because I'm so damn excited. Seriously! Truly, if I was talking right now instead of typing, you would hear me gasping for breath between each of this sentences and quite possibly even spitting a little too in my geeky fervour.

It runs OSX. It runs Safari. It lets you "pinch" and stretch pictures with your fingers to resize them. It's display is satisfyingly large at 3.5 and super vibrant at 160 ppi. And don't even get me started on how ASTOUNDING a little thing called Visual Voicemail is. Can anyone tell me why ANYONE hasn't done that before??? (oh, that's right, they're not Apple).

And did I mention that it runs OSX?! OSX, people! What MORE do you need to know?!

OH. And LOOK at it. Just LOOK. It's breathtaking! (sigh) And I am willing to bet money that if you watch all the demos, you will find it impossible to not let at least one WOW escape your lips.

Thank you, Steve. THANK YOU. It's what I always wanted.

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