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Great. Just great. My good friend a/g had to go and share a discovery she made online (which of course is very nice and of course I want her to share with me), but now I am fixated on something that all good sense tells me not to be - but I just can't help it. It's like I've been bitten by a bug. (I curse my inner girlie-girl!)

It's a doll. Yes, you heard right. A Blythe doll to be exact. I mean, seriously. I'm waaay too old for dolls, people. But just look at her - she's ADORABLE! (photo by Kookii)

Blythe dolls have different colours of hair, and different hairstyles, and some have make-up or freckles while others do not. You can pull a string and change the colour of the eyes and position them in her head however you want -- and there's this whole H-U-G-E community of Blythe collectors all over the globe, and now we want in their club, too! (How dare they have all this fun and never once bother to mention it to us!)

And it's not so much about their hair and the outfits, (although I would probably get way too obsessed with those), but it's about those dreamy BIG eyes, and how positively lovely they look when they're posed just so on a park bench, or in a flowerbed. All I can think about is how I would get one that looks like me, and I would dress her up and pose her and take so many cool pictures of her in all these artistic settings. And if a/g got one that looked like her, then we could pick out oufits together, and pose them together and take cool pics of them together. Did I mention that I'm waaay too old for dolls people? I am. Waaay too old.

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  1. Blogger mayberry 

    these dolls are EXPENSIVE! ($90)

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