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I've really never at any point considered myself craft-sy. Artistic? In certain mediums, sure. Creative? I'd really like to think so. But craft-sy? Certainly not. I've never had a knack for it. Not even sure that I wanted to have the knack. In fact, if memory serves, the anxiety of having to tackle crafts projects practically each week was the reason why it was absolutely agonizing to attend Brownies, and the reason why I quit as soon as I was allowed. Crafts were also the reason why I loathed day camp (except for the time when we made tie-die shirts. I remember digging that for some bizarre reason... thank goodness I grew outta that phase).
At any rate, I came across a blog today called JamFancy by oriettacat, featuring handmade felt dolls. Boy, are they... fancy! They make me want to sew sooo bad (wow, I can't believe I just said that). In particular, I love the conjoined pink-haired girls, named Mirabelle & My, with the two-headed pink teddybear. Seriously. Oriettacat is oriettacool, making craft-sy look pretty darn appealing after all. And not only does oriettacat sew these little dollies, but creates really lovely prints of them, too. (or perhaps it's the other way around?) Whatever the case may be, I heart muti-tasking creative types!

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