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Allow me to introduce my "Hello Kitty Aqua Pinstripe" custom desktop. I made it at a/g's on the 2nd last day of "March Conference."

You see, we're nerds (yes, no worries, I am fully aware that we are). And when we get together, we sit on our respective macs and do silly things like make custom desktops, based on relevant concepts such as, "ice cream colours." Then we show eachother our results, present the finer features such as pinstriping detail or what-have-you, and praise eachother up & down for our efforts. That's ok to do, right? We're still kinda cool, right??

Just to forewarn you, however... I may or may not reverse the colours on this, so that pink is the background colour and aqua is Hello Kitty's bow colour. You know, a variation on the original - for kicks. I'm just letting you know now. It's only fair to know what kind of person you're dealing with here (and yes, I'm aware that this nerdiness is only compounded by the late hour of this post).

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