kathleen is a lot like me

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Not that I've met her, but I have a feeling that Kathleen of seamripper is a lot like me. Or I'm like her. One or the other. I really like her drawings, and as I'm so fond of restating (sadly), I can't draw -- so that's clearly not what I think makes us similar. When I look at her about me page (which is by far the cutest and most interesting i've seen in recent memory), I do this:
Trees? Check. Video games? Check. Halloween? Check. Cats? Ok, no check here... but plants? Check. Polka dots? Sometimes. If small. And in the right colour-combo. Cursive handwriting? Check, even though I'm a chronic printer. Boxing movies? Strangely, yes, check. I can't help but looove Rocky movies. Sewing? Knitting? Well, I'd like to like them... does that count? Root Beer? Small dogs? Coffee? Check, check, and checkeroo! Chips + salsa? Records? Double-check. Cookies, flowers & ice cream? Check on all counts here. Hoodies? Vegetarianism and comics? You betcha! Check, check & check again! And so this is why I think Kathleen is probably a lot like me. Or that I'm like her. And also, her drawings are of things like cereal, grocery shopping, dogs and barbeque's and tofu dogs... which are all the things I imagine that I would draw... were I able to draw, that is. Sigh.

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