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Oh goody!!! Remember when you were a kid and you used to get activity books? They had puzzles of all kinds, like word finds, brain teasers, word scrambles, connect-the-dots, etc. Boy, they were neat, weren't they? I just loved 'em. So imagine my sheer GLEE when I stumbled upon Veer's downloadable Activity Books For Creatives. They're everything your childhood activity books were, but geared toward the sophisticated, discerning, stylish creative in you. They're jampacked with pages upon pages of eye-pleasing challenges like, "which KERN is kerned correctly?," "find the character that does not fit the typeface," and "identify which photoshop filter has been used." It's so damn nerdy and fun! I've gone and downloaded all 3! Of course you can purchase hard copies if you so choose, and I definitely thing they're worth having, but I like pdfs. And I like FREE even more. So go on and induldge your inner child! Though be warned - not all challenges are as easy as they might first appear! But if you get really, really stuck, all answers can be found at YAY!

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