she wants revenge

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And who could blame her, really, when they put her on the cover in her underwear? (seriously - who comes up with these covers?!)

So, I "discovered" some new music today. I was working on a listening post header card for MusicWorld yesterday (english & french - yeesh), and a featured title was, she wants revenge. The description read as follows: "evoking the deep bass moodiness of Bauhaus, Joy Division & Depeche Mode, She Wants Revenge walks the fine line between dance & goth with their self-titled debut album & explosive first single, “Tear You Apart.” How could I not be intrigued? The bands they're compared to are among my favourites of all time, and as such, I felt I had no choice but to promptly give it a listen to decide for myself.

Yes, they are eversomuch, absolutely, definitely paying homage to Joy Division. Depeche Mode? Um, yeah, I can see that. Bauhaus? I've picked out a few guitar bits that are reminiscent. Are they walking a fine line between dance & goth? Well, the record companies just love to throw in the word "goth" whenever they get the chance, don't they? (those "Hot Topic" kiddies will be sure to respond to that!)

It's a good little record - I've listened to it several times over already. It's making me want to look up the lyrics because the bits I'm picking out sound rather.... frank. I'm so pleased I happened across it. I have a feeling it will be getting a lot of circulation on the ol' "on stage" in the coming weeks.

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