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A few days ago, I randomly stumbled upon a simply lovely little site for a band called, The Like. I was intrigued by the illustrations on the site: the crosshatched, little house with windows all lit up, that looked somehow quaint-but-creepy... cozy-yet-ominous. Inside, 3 girls are seated at a table, with faint smiles (or are they smirks?) on their faces. I browsed around the site quickly, making a mental note-to-self to give 'em a listen, then minimized the window. But apparently I got sidetracked on this fateful afternoon, absentmindedly quitting firefox; altogether forgetting about my find.
Today however (and isn't the universe just so queer sometimes?), my hubby was listening to a song I quite liked, and when I asked him who it was, he said "The Like." It didn't mean much to me right off, but I guess because I expressed an interest in the song, he thoughtfully and promptly navigated to their site to better educate me... and there it was! The quaint-but-creepy little crosshatched house with windows all aglow. Oh happy coincidence! Nothin' better (to me anyway) than a double-whammy of fun-site-find AND fun-music-find! (How positively blogworthy!) Musically, to give you an idea, these gals are a tiny bit Ride, a tad Lush-like, with generous, sweet smatterings of The Sundays. Vocally, me thinks me hears a familiar yet elusive its-totally-reminding-me-of-something-but-i-can't-quite-pinpoint-it combination of chrissiehynde-meets-sarahmclachlan-meets-bethgibbons-meets-bjork . I'm on the 2nd listen of the album, and know already that I rather quite like The Like, and that "are you thinking what i'm thinking," is hereby inducted with special honours (or something like that) into heavy rotation. Hoorah!

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