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I read a lot of articles and a lot of blogs. I also happen to read a lot of helpful articles on blogging and possibly, just as many blogs with helpful articles on the importance of backing up. So I do that. Thankfully. I make a point of backing up my blog, because I had one near miss once and never want to feel that utter panic and horrible, agonizing regret of not having done something that's so easy to do if only you just make the point of doing it.
Again, just today and quite unexpectedly, I had another weird blog mishap. Not sure what it was, and I can't even begin to guess, but my blog was... invisible. It was like it just wasn't there. It was... and it wasn't. But because I backup my own blog, it is altogether intact right now. And I feel relief. Complete and utter relief. And I'm really, really happy that I read so many articles and blogs, and articles on blogging, and blogs with helpful articles like the importance of backing up. You should backup your own blog, or BYOB, too. It's just too (phew!) good.

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