unboxing may cause drooling

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I still remember, like it was only yesterday, the moment I cracked open my first mac fresh from the Apple store. It was so thrilling and so positively overwhelming to finally be in possession of such a majestic machine. The gorgeous white & graphite box, the bubblewrap, the indescribable, delicious, new-computer smell. And years later, opening my G4 Powerbook, I experienced it all over again -- two-fold. I was completely heady with excitement, blood pounded in my ears and my hands trembled from having spent all that money I technically didn't have to spend but oh my god I so didn't even care in the slightest! I lifted it from it's black box, out from under the protective, "Designed by Apple in California" insert, inhaling deeply that same, sweet smell of untouched-by-human-hands-electronics. And now, thanks to a new, genius little blog called unboxing, I can live vicariously through other's purchases, sharing in the wonderment, joy, and the exhilarating anticipation of opening a life-altering gadget for the very first time. And it's not just macs, here, either. There are all kinds of gadgets to enjoy and unsheathe. And I even don't care if it's nerdy. I just so don't even care in the slightest.

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