2 apples today / 1997•1998

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"Although announced in February 1997, it was not until June that the 8600 actually shipped in bulk. It came in the same innovative case design as the 9600, and ran on a 200 MHz 604e. It included an internal Zip drive (a Power Mac first). It also included video input and output. The 8600 used the Nitro motherboard, as did its predecessor, the 8500. The 8600 initially sold for $2,700. In August, Apple announced "speed bumped" versions of the 8600 with a 250 or 300 MHz "Mach 5" 604e. Like its predecessor, the 8600/300 did not ship for several months after it was announced due to supply problems. The 8600 was discontinued in early 1998." (picture credits: Apple Computer)

"The flagship of what might be termed the third wave of Power Macs, the 9600 was announced in February 1997. It was packaged in an eye-pleasing new tower design, built to make its insides more easily accessible. It ran on 233, 200 or dual 200 MHz 604e's. Although it looked different on the outside, the motherboard was basically the same design as that of the 9500. The 9600 was originally priced at $4,700 for the dual 200 MHz configuration, $4,200 for the single 233 MHz, and $3,700 for the single 200 MHz. In August, the 9600 was "speed bumped" with either a 300 or 350 MHz "Mach 5" chip, a new high speed variant on the 604e. The 350 MHz version barely shipped before Apple took it off the market, partially because of the small supply of 350 MHz chips, but mostly because their upcoming PPC 750-based "Gossomer" Macs (the PowerMac G3) would eclipse it both in performance and price." (picture credits: John Greenleigh/Flipside Studios)

This byte of Apple's history from Wired's "30 Years of Apple Products."

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