2 apples today / 1993•1994

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"Announced in October 1993, the Duo 270c further improved on previous Duos by adding a 68882 FPU to its 33 MHz 68030 processor. It was also the first Duo to include an active-matrix 16-bit screen. It was priced at $3,100 and was discontinued in May 1994." (photo credit: AppleDesign)

"The DuoDock allowed any Duo to immediately expand its features. The DuoDock included a larger hard drive, more VRAM and more input and output ports. The DuoDock and its successors allowed the Duo product line to become office desktop models. The DuoDock was replaced in May 1994 by the DuoDock Plus and the DuoDock II." (photo credit: John Greenleigh/Flipside Studios)

This byte of Apple's history from Wired's, "30 Years of Apple Products."

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